liquid or tape used to secure your  wig or toupee.
see adhesive comparison chart.
Baby Hairs
shorter hairs added to the hairline of your wig to recreate a natural appearance. A standard feature on many ready made wigs.
see baby hair image.
Bleached Knots:
disguises the knotting appearance hand made lace wigs.
see bleached knots.
Cap Size:
Ready Made wigs are available in a medium size cap - see individual listings for more information.
see cap size.
Cap Construction:
describes the base of the wig and how it attaches. Cap options vary please refer to the individual listings details and images.
see cap construction.
Custom Wig:
a wig made to measure to the customer's measurements and requirements from the size, volume, colour/highlights etc. There are many features to a custom order, and we recommend booking a consultation if you have not ordered a custom wig before. Contact us.
the cuticle is the protective layer on the hair shaft. The stands are kept in the same direction when harvested, significantly reducing tangling and helping retain the hairs natural texture and shine.
see hair quality.
the top of your head.
see crown.
means the amount of hair knotted onto the base cap. For ready made the density average 110% (light to medium). The average density for custom orders is 130%, but the overall appearance will vary depending on the hair texture.
see hair density.
Double Drawn:
Hair that is the exact same length. The painstaking process required to make this type of hair has to be performed by hand and it can take quite a long time to arrive at a finished product. The great advantage is that the hair maintains exactly the same thickness from root to tip and this is why it is so expensive as upwards of 1000gms of hair is required to create a 100gms of finished extension.
see hair density.
FabricMate Pen:
Non toxic pen used to darken light coloured lace wigs to match skin tones. 
French Lace:
strong robust ideal for first time wearers.
see french lace.
Full Lace Cap:
cap made entirely of lace with no stretch available made in French, Swiss and Super-Swiss, in MADE TO MEASURE options only.
see full lace cap.
for adhesive lace wigs measurements should be taken just in front of the hairline to allow room for adhesive.
see hairline.
Hair Length:
Afrodite measures hair length from the top of the head (crown) to the desired length.
see hair length chart.
Hand Knotted:
the technique use to secure individual  strands of hair onto a lace cap.
see hand knotting.
100% Human Hair:
Not mixed with synthetic fibres. It is often chemically processed to achieve colour in a wide variety of styles and textures.
see hair quality.
Knot Sealer:
Used to reduce shedding of your lace wig. Use after after wash/service.
the material used to create the base cap to knot the hairs onto. The lace types vary in terms of in strength, colour and thickness. Check the individual listing for specific details.
see lace options.
Lace Colour:
the lace material is dyed in various colours to match skin tones.
Our ready made wigs are mostly availble in light brown but can be darked using a fabric pen. For custom wigs - all colour options are available.
See individual listings for the specific lace colour.
see lace colours.
Lace Frontal:
half a lace wig from the front to the crown. The lace colour, hair texture and density with vary. See specific listings for more details.
Lace Closures: a small piece of hand knotted lace fitting the crown area. The lace colour, hair texture and density with vary. See specific listings for more details.
Made to Measure:
produced to match your exact requirements - see custom wig.
Ready Made Wigs:
available in stock in a medium size cap and are subject to availability.
see ready made cap size.
has undergone some processing to retain most of the cuticle. It's tangle free and longer lasting.
see hair quality.
Silk Top:
has a square of silk sewn into the front of a lace wig at the crown. Then, instead of knotting the hairs into the lace like a standard lace wig, the hairs are either individually injected through the silk into a thin skin PU base, or they are fed through the silk and knotted into the lace mesh underneath.
Single Drawn:
single drawn hair is hair that have been cut from one donor’s ponytail. This creates a consistency among the strands of hair which gives a more realistic appearance. Single drawn hair will be comprised of a variety if length of the strands of hair in them which causes the thickness to taper towards the end - unlike double drawn extensions you may find that this type of hair extension is uneven.
Super Swiss lace:
superfine lace for ultimate seamlessness. Ideal for photo shoots and professional media work. Not recommended for higher density wigs or daily wear.
see super-swiss lace.
Swiss Lace:
fine yet durable. Available in all lace colours for made to measure orders only.
see swiss lace.
Virgin Hair:
beautiful hair at its most purest. Virgin hair has not been chemically processed to alter its colour or texture. With the cuticles completely intact, the hair is super soft, with luscious shine and tangle free. Due to the genetic origins of our donors (Chinese/Indian) the hair colours are restricted to blacks and dark browns.
see hair quality.