Morgan Gantt's Lace Wig Bible

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If you are a regular wig wearer you will at some point have experienced the unfortunate salon exposure of your crowning glory,  or lack thereof,  being  totally exposed to the entire salon, or even worse still, being seated next to a huge salon window on a busy high street just as the packed bus is pulling get the picture!

We know some of you, both male and female, either feel more comfortable fitting and caring for their wigs at home or simply don't have time to spend in a salon. As well as the instructions provided with all our products, Morgan Gantt's long awaited Lace Wig Bible has to be a must have item

"The Lace Wig Bible"
How To Care Style & Maintain Lace Wigs, a portable guidebook for lace wig owners

About the book:
“The Lace Wig Bible” is not just for women who wear lace wigs, but it is also a great tool for stylists who are looking for more education to ensure their clients get the best results. As Morgan says, “It was imperative to write this guidebook because of the lack of understanding about application and care for lace wigs from the consumers to the stylists. In order for our customers to not only look their best, but also get the best results from their lace wig units, they needed to understand the critical mistakes to avoid to ensure they are not damaging their natural hair.

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What others have to say:
If you want to learn more about the book, such as content and format, you need to go visit Amazon to read all of the rave reviews. One reviewer states: “Overnight I went from having beautiful hair to suffering from minor hair loss. I started wearing wigs and but I didn’t know what I was doing. I found this book on Amazon and decided to give it a try. I was surprised at how in depth the book was in detailing the step by step procedures along with helpful images. I am more confident wearing wigs I apply myself and this has boosted my self-esteem dramatically. Thank you Morgan R. Gantt!!”- Ja

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By posting this blog I'm helping Morgan spread the news about her new book. I sent it to each and every one of you because I think you will enjoy her new book – so please download check it out. 

Thank you so much Morgan for your dedication and inspiring work!  

The Lace Wig Bible is available on Amazon and other ebooks providers - read more about Morgan on


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