Wig Talk - Toupee Or Not Toupee!


Did you know wigs were originally worn by the ancient  Egpytians to protect their scalps from the scorching heat, not just for fashion?

A popular way of attaching wigs/toupees is WIG TAPE - a specially formulated double sided tape suitable for use on skin.Tapes are used by men and women and can be worn for a few hours or a few weeks at a time.

Wig tapes are popular because they are really flexible to use. They can cover small or large areas and are available in rollscontour stripssmall handy tabs, and even cut to suit.

If you are familiar with wig tapes you will have perfected your own technique to get your wig or toupee to stick so that you feel confident, but key principles remain:-

Timing is important, so try not to rush your fitting. Better still, have a set time in your schedule so that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

scalp pro

Gently exfoliate your scalp or hairline to remove any dead skin, oil and dirt and to leave a really smooth base.

Cleanse skin free from oils/make up using 99% isopropyl cleanser – this is essential because other cleanser may contain oil - adding it to your skin instead of removing it!

Protect your skin with a thin layer of Davlyn Scalp Protector or Walker's Scalp Protector barrier solution. This will help your tape work better and reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Walker's have also introduced a longer lasting Scalp Protector “THICK” for greater protection.

Click here for a tape comparison chart for more details.

Which tape should I use?

Tapes vary, but there many choices available to try.  Consider both your lifestyle activities and which tape will be most suitable and not necessarily just the hold time it offers. For example, you may prefer to change your tape frequently or even daily, therefore a stronger hold tape may not be suitable and vice versa.


Your body chemistry may also affect how well the tapes work. There are many brands available in rolls and contour strips.

3M Clear
Red Liner
Walker's No Shine 
Ultra hold Tape 

We have also compiled a few strips from each of our selection of Strong and Sensitive tapes in a handy sample pack for you to try. 

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