Does your hair extension shed?


Protect your investment & reduce shedding with an extensions weft sealer!



Quality hair extensions can last a long time with the right products and some gentle TLC.
However if you think that your extensions are shedding too much, or simply want to protect your investment by minimising shedding in the first place there is a really simply solution now available directly from the UK.

Extension weft sealer is a specially formulated brush on applicator that acts as a barrier to "seal" your wefts, holding the strands of hair in place to significantly reduce any shedding.

  • Dries clear.
  • Quick & easy to apply with brush on applicator.
  • Effective for all hand or machine made extensions.

Applying is really easy and should be done after your regular washing and conditioning treatments.

Weft Sealer Instructions

Top Tips to reduce hair extension from shedding/thinning:

1.  Avoid products containing alcohol and salt which cause drying and results in shedding.
2.  Allow hair to air dry for best results. If you do use heat styling protect extensions with serum such as Argan Oil.
3.  Wash/condition hair regularly to remove product build up. 
4.  Use quality leave-in conditioner.
5.  Groom hair using Denman paddle brush for straight hair or wide tooth comb for curls.
6.  Long extensions - cover hair whilst sleeping to reduce friction and shedding.
7.  Use quality products that will be suitable for your natural hair as well as your extensions, making great savings.

Keep your hair extensions looking fuller for longer with Weft Sealer available now!!

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