Fight the summer frizz!


HUMIDITY IMAGE Summer is here and it should be mainly carefree..... if only you can control that FRIZZ!!! Now of course some of us have the right type of frizz texture and this should be celebrated.

For the rest of us the battle continues, but we can try and understand why it happens.

Cry for help!
Frizz occurs when your hair is thirsty and there is no more moisture or natural oils left. To compensate your hair absorbs all the moisture in the air like a sponge.

Try these easy steps and you'll be well on your way to winning the fight with frizz!

humidity imag

SHAMPOO hair slightly less frequently with sulphate free shampoo - use dry shampoos in between.
DEEP CONDITION your hair weekly: include a few drops of Moroccan argan oil to smooth the cuticles.
RINSE OFF your conditioner in cool/cold water.
ONLY USE A WIDTH-TOOTH comb or PADDLE BRUSH when your hair is wet.
ADD SERUM where needed especially at the ends (use teeny amounts if you have thin hair).
BLOW DRY 80% of your hair and in sections from the top down - air dry the remaining 20%.
STYLE your hair off your back in a pony, updo or bun to avoid friction.
SLEEP on a lovely satin pillow as it will not soak up your hair's moisture like a cotton option.

AVOID: over colouring hair your hair - bone-drying your hair.

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