Secrets to shiny hair revealed......

revised argan


Apply liberal amounts Afrodite's Organic Argan oil to your hair from root to tip.
Wrap hair in cling film followed by a warm towel.
Leave in for approximately one hour before washing your hair.
For extra dry hair: leave in overnight and wash your hair the following morning.

The pure argan oil will not only moisturise the hair strands but will also deeply nourish 
hair cuticles soft and manageable hair.

Bonus feature:A miracle product with many other uses including heat protective styling.

Available in 30ml, 50ml & 100ml - click here to order

shampoo & conditioner


Afrodite's salt free shampoo gently cleans hair without stripping the natural oils or 
colours. You will notice it creates a little less lather, but this is because it is free from 
harmful SLS, and it still leaves hair clean and noticeably softer. 

Afrodite's salt free conditioner is naturally scented with exceptional conditioning that will 
enrich hair making it softer, manageable with a natural vitality & shine that is far less prone to tangling.

Bonus feature:  Afrodite’s salt and SLS free shampoos offers the same care and protection for all hair types of afro, mixed race & European hair as well as helping to maintain your keratin treatments. To learn more about salt free shampoos and conditioners click link:

          walker scalp pro             


Use a leave-in conditioner daily or as often as required.  It will help enhance the conditioning your hair has already received after deep treatments and conditioning.

It will help reduce hair breakage, improve manageability, and will add moisture and shine. 

Separate hair into section and ensure you apply the leave-in from roots to tip to really lock for longer.


  HEALTHY FOOD                         

Did you know hair is made up of 5% water and 95% protein?
For healthy hair and skin try to include a diet rich in protein (meat, fish, cheese, tofu, eggs and vegetable) to help promote healty hair and natural shine.

Drink at least 1.2 litres/approx 8 glasses of water a day to help flush out the toxins in the body.

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