The World's Most Expensive Wigs

SOLD: $16,000 - £10,000 (Heritage Auctions, Texas 2011)
This beautifully crafted wig was worn by the Queen of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor for her role as Cleopatra (1963). 40 wigs were needed for one of the most expensive films ever made, and three copies of this particular wig was used during filiming.  Designed by and carefully stored by the celebrity wigmaker, Stanley Hall, only one copy survived to be sold at Heritage Auctions, Texas for a king’s ransom.                                                                  Liz Taylor Wig
                                                                  Photograph: Allstar/Cinetext Collection/Sportsphoto
1.    SOLD: $72,000 - £48,000 (Julien's Auction June 2011)
According to Juliens Auctions, this wig was worn by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, during the “This is it” O2 London Press conference in 2009. This specially designed custom made human hair lace front comes with the original $3,700 bill of sale and to date is the most expensive wig every sold.michael jackson wig

Ever wondered about what the world most expensive wigs might look like or who might have worn it?

To fall within this category the wig will have to be pretty special, it is likely to be custom made but more importantly, it probably belonged to a very special individual and/or has been worn for a very special occasion.

Here is the countdown to three of the world's most expensive wigs of ever sold. You may be a little surprised about the current leader?

3.    SOLD: $10,800 - £5,900 (Christies 2006)
Worn by the iconic 60s pop artist Andy Warhol who was obsessed with fame, image and celebrity. Warhol initially wore wigs to hide his receding hairline, but the short platinum style wigs soon became an important part of his signature style throughout the 60s until his untimely death in the late 80s.  This wig has its own 15 minutes of fame when it was sold at Christies in 2006 for its iconic price tag.

Andy Warhol Red Warhol Wig