Are you stuck in a hairstyle rut?

It's the new year and winter is almost at an end and as spring approaches we will begin to wonder what next when it comes to our hair, but if you are feeling lost then you may well be stuck in a hairstyle rut.

5 tell-tale signs that you might be stuck in a hairstyle rut

1.   You have the same hairstyle from the last decade (i.e before-2010)!

2.   Your favourite hair products have been discontinued.

3.   Minimum effort - you just sweep your hair back in a ponytail!

4.   Helmet hair - dry, tired, shapeless hair.

5.   You meet an old friend and they remark that "you have not changed one bit”.


5 ways to escape the hairstyle rut!
If you can relate to one or more of the above tell-tale signs then help is at hand. With a few small changes you can make huge difference to your look and your confidence. 

High impact - great boost of confidence   There are plenty to choose from with the hair color palette this season, you can make a dramatic statement or work with subtle colour tones.
Consult a colourist if you want to achieve great results, wonderful depths of colour and rich tones.

 hairstylerut_colourswatch       hairstylerut_color

There's nothing like a regular trim to keep your new hairstyle looking fresh and defined.
Nourish and add shine with regular deep conditioning treatments for healthy looking hair.

hairstylerut_cut     hairstylerut_nourish

Short, medium or long, you’ll be surprised how adding a few layers can add volume and depth to any style without affecting the overall length. Its a really simple and effective way to refresh your style!

    hairstylerut_longlayer        hairstylerut-layershort  

How many expired/unfinished bottles in your bathroom cabinet?
Use the 6 month rule and de-clutter discard/donate unwanted products.
To keep your new style looking its best, you need the right products. 
Replace dull and dry hairpieces/extensions. Don't forget you will also need the right products for after-care and maintenance.

Use alcohol and salt free shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair dryness and maintain hair colours. If in doubt, consult your stylist.

 hairstylerut-declutter          hairstylerut_hairextension


Hair accessories are no longer for little girls.
If you are a little shy to cut your hair and make a drastic change, there is a wide selection of hair clips, pins, headbands from everyday wear to more fancy pieces for special occasions.
Experiment with colours, materials and how you wear in updos, pin-up or simply clip-in. It can transform even the most simple styles for some added va!va!voom!

hairstylerut_casaccessory             hairstylerut_fancyaccessory

Remember - don't be afraid to experiment.
Small changes = Big impact = confidence boost!


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