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We love to be creative and inspiring at Afrodite and when it comes to hair colour the possibilities can be vivid as your imagination.  Bold hair colour has become the must-have trend this summer, but achieving it is not always so easy, working with hair dyes, sprays, timing, then keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for a great result.

We love the idea of chalk pencils made by HairChalk.  They are specially formulated to use on wet or dry hair. It is a fun, inexpensive way to add instant colour or highlight to all hair types. As it is non-toxic, they do not contain any nasties, (dyes or toxins) and work without causing damage to your hair. The chalk simply washes out when the fun is over.

What is hair chalk?
This 24 pack set was kindly supplied by HairChalk Uk. It comes with 24 rectangular sticks from across the colour spectrum,:
with some strong vibrant shades and some softer pastel shades. The sticks are a generous 2.5" and come in a compact.
These feel sturdy and less chalky than the school versions and there is enough variety of colours to choose from.

hairchalk image        hairchalk image

The Science bit:
If you think back to your art lessons at school when you worked with chalk, it was great fun but not an exact science; you can be a little more experimental.
You can create simple sweeps of bold colour or beautifully soft layers of blended shades but you cannot go wrong.
And if you don't like what you have, just add more colour and it will change - you will surprise yourself at how creative you can be - it will look fabulous!!

What you need:  hair chalk colours, - brush/comb - water spray - small bowl - finishing/hairspray, styling tools (if required)
old towel /old shirt, rubber gloves (optional).

How to hold your HairChalk
You should hold your Hairchalk in the same way as a pencil.  If you are using curling tools or straighteners then we  recommend you do so before applying the chalk - either way round can work.

Step 1: preparing your hair.
Brush/comb your hair removing any knots and tangles.

Step 2
: applying the HairChalk
We used both techniques - the 'wet' and the 'twisting'.

The "wet" method
Use this technique if you have darker hair colour.
Have your small bowl of water ready.
Section the area you want to colour and detangle.
Dip our hair stick into the bowl of water and brush onto your hair in a downward motion repeat if necessary until you reach the desired colour.
Once finished, seal in the hair colour with finishing spray.

rubin method
The "twisting" method - for dry hair
Use this technique if you have lighter hair colour.
Using your water spray, lightly dampen your hair.
Section the area you want to colour and detangle.
Twist the strands and hold - apply the chalk using a downward motion until you reach the desired colour.
Seal in the hair colour with finishing/hair spray.
chalk-in twisting method

hairchalk_red       hairchalk bob        hairchalk bob

 bluegreen      afro hairchalk        storm_hair_chalk

The final finish
To seal in your colours you can use a finishing/hairspray or your hot irons.
We love the pastel-chalk feel but you should avoid playing /styling with your hair once you have 'finished".

straw&cream colour swatch      magsrawberry&cream    magentocreamd etail
Extra Tips
HairChalk works in exactly the same way for afro hair and other textures.
If you have lighter hair it will easier to apply, but the colour contrasts you can achieve with darker hair is amazing.
Your hands will get a little messy so have some gloves handy if you wish, but it is only chalk and it washes off completely using regular washing up liquid.  
If you do not feel confident with colouring your own hair, why not try chalk-in a light-coloured clip-in extension,  or as you will see in the example below, you can try a plaited hair braid which can be used again and again.

                                                                      colour chalk closeup    plaited chalk

Wrap your hair in a scarf for sleeping to avoid colour transfer.
Remember the HairChalk washes off easily so if you are out and about, take a brolly with you.

To remove the HairChalk

Wet your hair first and apply a clarifying shampoo until the chalk is completely removed before you start detangling.
For lighter hair you may have to repeat the shampoo process before you condition and rinse off.

Our verdict
HairChalk is a quick easy way to transform your hair into a lovely soft powdery finish.
With a little practice, our blending technique really improved where we felt we could easily create virtually any colour blend.
It is fun, suitable for all hair types, age groups and can even be shared with friends.
We particularly love its quirkiness and feel really inspired to create more dazzling hair colour designs in future.

Hair chalk is available in various sizes - for more information why not visit

♡ Thank you HairChalk. x

Would you love to try HairChalk?

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