Get the Perfect Hairstyle!

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A fabulous new hairstyle not only works wonders for our sense of well-being but can reveal a beautiful facial feature such as eyes, cheekbones that has previously been hidden away, or can be used hide features you find less flattering which ultimately makes you feel more confident and at ease.

So how do you achieve a perfect hairstyle?
A good stylist knows instinctively which style best suit your features best and can make suggestions, but before choosing your next wig or hair extensions you should know that the key to any great hairstyle is not the hair colour or texture - its choosing the right style for your face shape.

Our style guide explains how to firstly recognise your face shape, which elements to aim for ones you should definitely avoid. We will also reveal the secret to avoiding “helmet hair” affect.

Oblong Shape

Features: similar to oval faces but with higher cheekbones and forehead, and often prominent chin.

Aim for:   Blunt, long and side bangs will make your face appear shorter and will cover foreheads. 

Loose flowing curls and featured edges are ideal for this face shape.

Avoid: very shot styles with layers that add volume.

Oblong Face Shape Iman

Heart Shaped  

Features: face widest at forehead with pronounced cheekbones.

Aim for: Layered cuts, bangs/fringes – pixie cuts will show your best features.

Avoid: severe slick back styles too much volume at the crown (top of head).

diamond face shape

heart shaped face

Square Shaped

Features: wide foreheads, cheek and jawline to give broad and strong appearance.

Aim for : short to medium lengths that cover the ears and keep the nape area long and full. Long bone straight hair with wispy face framing also works this face shape.

Avoid: blunt cuts, middle parts and heavy bangs which will add too much weight to hairstyle.
square face Viola Davies

Round Shape

Features:  softly rounded foreheads and chins, with wide and full cheeks.  Often fuller and more youthful in appearance. 

Styles to Aim for:  shoulder length - long hair suits you best and will lengthen face. Loose barrel curls or sweeping of hair with soft edges.

Avoid:  avoid to much volume at the sides of face, rounded or structured bob styles .

round face shape   Oprah Winfrey 

Oval Shape

Features: has the same distance from hairline to eyebrow and eyebrow to chin and is considered the most balanced face shape.

Styles to Aim for: Show off those features. Almost all hairstyles and lengths as long as its worn away from the face.

Avoid: wearing styles that fall on your face/hang near eyes.

round face shape  Beyonce

Avoid helmet hair

Its really simple, it maybe your natural hair you’ve been growing, or a custom wig or even virgin hair you’ve been saving for but you won’t allow a pair of scissors anywhere near it.

Fact is, once you have the basic product, hair, it almost always needs a little tweaking / shaping here and there. So to avoid helmet hair be prepared to cut, trim or thin out the hair where necessary to fine tune your style to perfection.

Top Tips to achieving the perfect hairstyle:

Consult your stylist before making your actual hair appointment to discuss your styling options and plan ahead.

Consider how your new style will fit into your lifestyle.

Maintain the style using the right products and advice.

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