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Keep your brushes & combs clean!

We all want gorgeous looking hair but we may focus a little more on the styling aspects than maintaining good habits when it comes to our styling tools.

A little bug-bare of mine is grubby combs and hair brushes, so here's a simple way to keep your combs and brushes hygiencially clean with that added sparkle where it can take pride of place on your dresser.

You will need:-

brushes & combs any other washable styling tools and/or attachments that are water safe.
old towel
anti-bacterial liquid

how clean - brushes you will need


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Start by removing all the loose hairs from your styling tools.

Use your tooth pick lift and remove hairs/dirt trapped in tricky hard to reach areas.

Try and remove as much hair and debris as possible.



Fill your sink or bowl with warm water mixed mixed with a few drops of anti-bracterial liquid.

This will be create a lovely soapy solution to get your brushes and combs hygienically clean.

water solution


clean brush with water

Place all your tools into the solution and leave to soak for 5 minutes.

This will help loosen any build up of dirt and oil.

Continue to clean your tools, using your toothpicks if necessary to remove any hairs and trapped dirt.

Rinse implements and place on a towel to dry.

You can easily incorporate this into your hair weekly hair washing routine - for clean hair & clean tools!!

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