The BeFri Brush - for thick hair.

The Befri Brush gives your hair an instant revival with advanced kinematic detangling. read our review below! 

Why a BeFri Review
My usual styling options are my natural afro hair, braids and of course wigs.
I have yet to find a hair brush tool that is able to detangle my natural hair well
without leaving behind a sore head and scalp. On reading about the BeFri I was
intrigued by its design and wondered how well it might work with my afro hair.

My usual hair styling options are my natural afro hair, braids and of course wigs. My hair is completely natural afro with no traces of chemical processing. It is quite long, think and has a super-coiled texture.  Daily hair detangling depends of course on environmental factors and may involve many tools and products. On wash days I really prefer to have my hair treated professionally,  but when I do have to wash my hair at home it is a delight to discover new products that make life a lot easier.

Befri Brush Review
Nanokeratin Systems have very kindly sent us the their new brush, for this review I have used:

"BeFrii for THICK HAIR - instant hair revival with advanced kinematic detangling."



The BeFri at a glance
The most eye catching feature of this brush is its contemporary design: with 8 uniquely curved ergonomically designed arms and 142 anti-static bristles. The contoured arms are evenly spaced,  very flexible and appear strong. It comes in a pretty two-tone light powder blue and dark blue pastel shade with a long and sturdy non-slip handle. The BeFri is a little larger than other brushes I have, but is lightweight and gives me confidence that it will not fall apart as I start detangling.

brush slatted brushslatted brush  brush befit

On wet afro hair
For detangling I will normally take small sections at a time when my hair is wet.I found the Befri was able to detangle my super-coiled afro hair really quickly without pulling or tugging. The bristles were long enough to reach the roots of my hair and scalp and the arms flexible enough to move in the direction with your hair instead of remaining static and working against my hair. The handle is a great feature for thick, wet hair; it is not only generous but gives a firm grip without wrist pain.

On dry afro-hair
If you have thick hair, you will find the BeFri can cover a larger section of your hair really quickly. The soft edged pins on the Befri are quite long so it can penetrate the thickest strands to not only help to distribute you hair's natural oil, but they were able to massage my scalp while brushing. My scalp will normally feel sore by this time with the pulling and tugging, but with the BeFri I found this sensation on my scalp really smoothing. When I finished detangling my entire scalp felt invigorated like I just had a gentle head massage and there is very little hair loss. The overall finish on my hair was not very smooth but my hair did detangle easily and felt very soft.

Blow drying
We are always trying to find ways to use less heat exposure when styling and the BeFri can help here.
The vented arms allows the warm air from my hairdryer to circulate through the brush from all angles with no static.
Its flexible arms will move and bend in any direction to dry hair super-quickly without needing to go over the same area again and again. The size of this brush and its very sturdy handle plays a factor because it allows you to cover a larger area much quicker. When it comes to afro hair the BeFri really makes hair drying a breeze!

Whatever your hair type, detangling is one element  we all find difficult, and for some, sometimes quite unpleasant.
The BeFri's key features: its vented structure, kinematic arms and handle size are really up to the task. I have found it can not only easily detangle the thickest afro hair, it leaves it soft with an invigorated scalp and with little shedding.

The BeFri brush is a great detangler for natural afro hair with a recommended ***** stars!!!


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