Afrodite Homemade Argan Body Scrub

We have long celebrated the endless benefits of our organic Argan oil and continue to share simple and effective ways this remarkable oil can help your whole family look their best.

Spring is here and you will be are enjoying the outdoors a lot more wearing your favourite outfits and fab shoes - what you don't want is dry dull looking skin.

Step into spring with a natural healthy glow to your skin with this easy argan body scub recipe - but why exfoliate?

argan body scrub

Exfoliating is not just for your face, your body, hand and feet can also benefit:-
1.   remove dead flaky, dry skin
2.   repair dry skin dull skin.
3.   help stimulate skin circulation and cell renewal.
4.   help stop your pores getting clogged.
5.   hydrate your hands and feet.
6.   softer and smoother skin.

How to make our home made argan body scub
1.    Mix equal amounts of brown sugar and Afrodite's argan oil.
2.    Add any natural fragrance of your choice: essential oil, essence or citrus juice.
3.    Blend all the ingredients together.

To store: spoon the mixture into a pretty jar with lid use regularly.

       body scrub girl      Top tip:    
use as body scub only.
this scrub is before your manicure.
scrub gently to avoid skin irritation.

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