Looking for Halloween Inspiration?

Halloween Header

If you’re still wondering what to wear for this Halloween, there is still plenty of time to have you looking devilishly divine!

What Character can I be?
You can’t fail to be inspired by this season’s most popular themes:-
1.         Halloween Divas: Poison Ivy, Catwoman & Cruella De’ville.
2.         Halloween Brides: mummy, ghosts & vampires.
3.         Gothic: witches, temptress & vixens.
5.         Ghouls: zombie, skeletons & corpses

 What about hair?
Afrodite’s range of party wigs takes care of it and will have you looking fabulously ghoulish all night long!


Wig Styling Tips

Halloween is the season for vivid colours: deep reds such as our "Rihanna Red" or "Kim", purples, pinks, blues "Katy" and of course jet blacks "Kelly".

Browse our halloween range to get creative!

Accessorise your wig with feathers, butterflies, decorative hat-pins, lace. If you are feeling more ambitions try some fab special effects using plastic creepy-crawlies, cob-webs, birds for that added wow factor!

Cosplay Kim

And make-up?
That's easy, the biggest inspiration for your choice of makeup will be your costume.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with blending techniques, false lashes, glitter, beads anything you can add to complete the effect – mix- blend - smudge - splatter -  there are no rules. Ana's superb video tutorial will help you achieve this look with lots of other tips and ideas - don't forget to "like" Ana on your facebook page!

Anaarthur81 Video Tutorial  - Posion Ivy 

Top Tips 
1.    Plan ahead: have a hair/made-up dry run to avoid any last minute disasters.
2.    Decide: whether your make-up with be applied before or fitting your custom.
3.    Help:  costumes/hair/makeup its a lot to do, so  get ready with a friend.
4.    Share your wonderful Halloween inspiration pics with us admin@afroditewigs.co.uk