Why do my lace wigs & hair extensions feel dry?

Its a question we often get asked here at Afrodite and the answer and solution are really simple.  

Firstly, its useful to remember that once hair has been removed from the donor it no longer receives natural oils from the body - moisture has to be added. There are a few simple ways you can maintain your wigs and hair extensions, not just for better styling results, but to make them last much, much longer – with a surprising added bonus!!

So what causes hair to dry out?
There are three main culprits that cause hair to dry out and you don’t have to be a chemist to understand the “science bit”!
Sodium chloride – is common household salt.
Sodium laurel sulfate - or (SLS) – a common detergent.
Alcohol - not the type found in your cocktails but alcohol for cosmetic use.

                           salt + detergent + alcohol+ = mad hair 

Salt (Sodium Chloride) creates that squeaky clean feeling you get after washing hair, but as well as cleaning hair it also removes any colour and the natural oils that hair actually needs to stay hydrated and manageable.

SLS – (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or is a water softner added to shampoos to create lather, so the more lather (SLS) the more drying-the exact opposite to what you actually need for those lovely wigs and extensions.

What about shedding?
Another cause of dryness and eventually shedding is alcohol. Alcohol is used as a thickening agent or preservative to give products a longer shelf life but unfortunately this causes dry, flaky, dull and lifeless hair. Alcohol and the build up of other products are the main reasons why your wigs and hair extensions shed.

So what can I do about this
The solution is already here and is really easy to include in your hair care routine -  the solution is salt , SLS and alcohol free shampoos and conditioners.

shampoo & conditioner

Afrodite's salt free shampoo gently cleans hair without stripping the natural oils or colours. You will notice it creates a little less lather, but this is because it is free from harmful SLS, and it still leaves hair clean and noticeably softer. 

Afrodite's salt free conditioner is naturally scented with exceptional conditioning that will enrich hair making it softer, manageable with a natural vitality & shine that is far less prone to tangling.

What is the added bonus? Afrodite’s salt and SLS free shampoos offers the same care and protection for all hair types of  afro, mixed race & European hair as well as  helping to maintain your keratin treatments – and we're giving away 5 gift packs!

                        brazilian hair extensions
                          hair extensions

freshly scented
naturally scented

shiny hair
retains softness & shine

natural hair
natural hair 

Salt free shampoos and conditioners are the future –  start today and you will see a noticeable difference with your wigs, extensions and natural hair - making life easier and hair happier!

Human hair,  wigs & extensions

sad face

Alcohol sprays.
Heavy waxes and petroleum.
baby shampoos.  
Avoid brushing hair whilst wet.
Curly hair being brushed - use comb/fingers. 

Human hair wigs & extensions


Regular gentle washes to remove poduct build up.
Light pure natural oils.
Salt free shampoos & conditions. 
proteins, nourishing masks and
Afrodite Moroccan Argan Oil.
Use a knot sealer for lace wigs
Low heat settings when styling. 



   givaaway festive treat


Salt free Keratin Shampoo
- 250ml
Salt free Keratin Conditioner - 250ml
Moroccan Argan Oil - 100ml
Argan Moroccan Lip Balm - 5g


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