Brazilian Hair Extensions Available Now!


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Brazilian Virgin Wave:
Sarayah is wearing:
18" 20" & 24
100% natural not processed.
Cuticle aligned 
Wavy , silky full bodied texture 

Brazilian Virgin Straight:
tonged at ends 
Irene is wearing: 
18" 20" & 24
100% natural not processed.
Cuticle aligned 
Silky smooth texture

Brazilian Virgin Curl:
Vanessa is wearing:
14" & 16"
100% natural not processed.

Cuticle aligned 
Silky curly full bodied texture 

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+ Free postage*

How do I care for my hair extensions & make them last longer?

Firstly it's useful to remember that once hair has it has been removed from the donor it no longer receives natural 
oils from the body - moisture has to be added. There are a few simple ways you can maintain your wigs and hair
extensions not just for better styling results, but to last much, much longer – with a surprising added bonus!!


Natural Hair,
Wigs & Extensions  

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Salt free &
Moroccan Argan!!!

salt free shampoos & conditioner

Salt Free
Shampoo & Conditioner
Hydrating natural hair, wigs, 
extensions & Brazilian Keretin 
SLS or SLES free
Sodium Chloride Free
Fragrance free. 


Pure Moroccan Argan Oil
Nourishes and revitalises hair
extensions & natural hair. 
Scalp treatment.
Deep conditioning
Speeds up drying time 
100% pure Organic

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